We offer a wide range of parts to suit every machine and budget, whether you have a new machine or are running an older model.

  • Genuine Parts
  • Manufactured to the same high quality as Hitachi construction machinery
  • Enable machines to work longer, with minimal downtime and reduced running and maintenance costs
  • Help ensure continuous machine quality covered by the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Resale value of the machine is increased if it is fitted out exclusively with Genuine Parts..
Genuine Parts
  • Created to meet the needs of older machines
  • Cost less than Genuine Parts, but are still of a proven quality in the marketplace
  • Come with the manufacturer’s warranty
Reconstructed parts
  • Up to 40% more affordable than equivalent brand new parts.
  • All the parts and components used in their reconstruction are Hitachi originals.
  • The widest range of main pumps, displacement motors and transmission axles.
  • They include all the modifications in order to meet Hitachi's high quality standards.
High performance parts
  • Developed in order to meet specific needs, they provide greated durability to Hitachi machinery, better performance and a longer lifespan.
  • The High Performance Parts Program includes components such as potent LED lightning, which allows operators work comfortably at night or during the darker winter days.

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